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FRISS® has 100% focus and dedication to fraud detection and risk mitigation for non-life insurance companies worldwide. FRISS® helps insurers to improve their combined ratio in order to achieve profitable portfolio growth and enhance the perception in the market as a trustworthy insurer. FRISS® believes in honest and fair insurance premiums, for everyone.

Ready-to-use business solution

FRISS® is live in 8 weeks and has a ROI within 12 months, due to the experience with 60+ implementations at insurers. Customer specific configuration is the main part. Rather than general purpose analytic software or homegrown systems that have to be built from scratch, FRISS® is largely prebuilt and therefore a ready-to-use business solution.


FRISS® Score


As a proven standard the FRISS® Score enables better decisions. It is the core of the solutions and indicates the risk for each quotation, policy or claim. FRISS® cares for its customer before, during and after implementation. The FRISS® Learning Cycle supports a journey of continuous improvement to stay ahead in dynamic times and to sustain for the future.

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How can insurers work together to fight fraud by organized crime?

Fraudsters are always looking for the weak spot. We should therefore share information about fraud networks. Not only at a national level, but also cross-border.


Data verification is the key to better risk assessment during underwriting

Risk assessment can improve the underwriting and pricing processes for European insurers. Having a clear picture of potential customers helps to prevent fraud and minimizes risks before customers enter an insurance portfolio.


Fighting insurance fraud effectively by aligning underwriting and claims

There are two major reasons to work on alignment between the departments Underwriting and Claims. It enhances the profitability of the insurances and also raises the fraud awareness of the entire company to a higher level.

The latest insights on fraud, risk & compliance: 'fresh from the FRISS Lab'
FRISS Lab #5

How can insurers work together to fight fraud by organized crime?

Fraudsters are always looking for the weak spot. We should therefore share information about fraud networks. Not only at a national level, but also cross-border.

FRISS Lab #4

How to minimize repair fraud and maximize the effect of claim experts?

Nowadays, many claim managers mention that repair fraud is a huge issue. This episode from FRISS Lab is answering to the questions that insurers are often struggling with.

FRISS Lab #3

The use of manipulated images in fraudulent claims

A number of insurance companies already has its own apps to file a new claim, with all information and even images of the actual damage attached to that. This is just one example in which digital information becomes available for the insurance process.

The latest developments across the non-life insurance industry concerning fraud, risk and compliance.

Insurers struggle with innovation

Innovation is not something that can be reached within a day. It requires serious efforts, a clear vision and, most of all, dedication. Replacing legacy systems is a head-aching operation, let alone the risk of losing valuable data on policies, claim history and customer contacts.

FRISS and Claims Corporation Network announce partnership

FRISS has established a partnership with Claims Corporation Network (CCN). CCN offers solutions in the management of national and international claims. The cooperation is aimed at offering CCN clients a state-of the-art IT solution.

Social media and digitization in the fight against insurance fraud

How convenient would it be for insurers if they could just add individuals on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform in order to track & trace behavior? This would give insurers a powerful weapon in the fight against fraud.

The latest thinking and expert insights into the insurance industry.

Insurance and technology: a match made in customer heaven?

The insurance industry uses technology in new ways to improve the customer experience, making processes faster and more transparent. FRISS’ CTO Christian van Leeuwen explains how ‘insurtech’ has the potential to change the insurance business for the better.

Fighting insurance fraud effectively by aligning underwriting and claims

There are two major reasons to work on alignment between the departments Underwriting and Claims. It enhances the profitability of the insurances and also raises the fraud awareness of the entire company to a higher level.

How can insurers work together to fight fraud by organized crime?

Fraudsters are always looking for the weak spot and do their market research. We should therefore share information about fraud networks. Not only at a national level, but also cross-border.

As a thought leader, FRISS is sharing its expert knowledge on various stages worldwide.

The European Insurance Fraud Summit

As a sponsor and partner, FRISS will be present in Amsterdam once again. The European Insurance Fraud Summit provides a platform to gain a pan-European perspective on the latest developments in detection and prevention from leading insurers.

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Ready-to-use business solutions

Underwriting Risk Assessment

Improve your portfolio value by real-time automated detection and assessment of risks during the underwriting process. It is important to prevent fraud and risk by having a clear picture of potential customers before they enter your portfolio. The underwriting solution provides an intelligent and uniform risk estimation, which is also useful during the claims process.


Claims Fraud Detection

Reduce your loss ratio by increasing the chances of detecting fraud and limit false positives to a minimum. Use automated fraud detection during the claims process to make an accurate and objective estimation of the risks related to a claim. It improves straight through processing (STP), and claims that need further attention will be recognized directly.


Compliance Screening

Compliance concerns all insurance processes. Gain insight into Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) and become compliant with the latest legislation and regulations. Knowing and screening your customers will prevent image loss and avoids high penalties. This will enhance the quality of your underwriting process. Furthermore, administrative burdens will be reduced to a minimum.


SIU Fraud Investigation

Improve investigators’ possibilities to manage workloads, register all findings, recognize and connect the dots between files, take adequate measures and to report in a structural manner. Moreover, enhance the flexibility of customized case registration, by line of business and even on investigator level.


Get to know us

FRISS is a fast growing company with an ambition that is driven by passion, focus and dedication. At FRISS, we feel comfortable in being different by having confidence in our knowledge and expertise. That is what distinguishes us in serving our customers. We continuously invest in technology, processes and people. This helps us to further develop, sustain and innovate our business.

Our team

We want our employees to feel valuable and acknowledged for everyone’s own unique contribution to our success. Creativity should not only be a way of thinking, but just as much a way of acting, communicating and decision making.

Our workplace

Being open to new thinking or solutions and daring to discover unbeaten tracks. At FRISS, we encourage exceeding limits since it helps us to exceed our company limits.


We are headquartered at Creative Valley, a carbon-neutral office building that is constructed with sustainable materials. The building is able to store both warmth and cold and it is powered by renewable energy. Working from our office helps us to significantly reduce the footprint that daily business imposes on the global environment.

Why we do what we do

At FRISS, we believe in honest and affordable insurance for everyone. Our question for insurance companies: why do your sincere customers have to bear for the risk brought in by others? In the end it is the society that suffers from fraud. Our mission is to strive for a trustworthy insurance industry, healthy insurance portfolios and fair insurance premiums for everybody across the globe.

Jeroen Morrenhof

CEO and Co-Founder

The title entrepreneur defines who I am. My energy is derived from new initiatives and I do not avoid taking risks. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs who have taught me how to think out-of-the-box, to set high goals for myself and to work to realize them. I am constantly searching for new, innovative challenges. My ambition for FRISS is to help all insurers globally in preventing and fighting fraud and become the number one player for fraud, risk and compliance.

Christian van Leeuwen

CTO and Co-Founder

"Innovation is key to the continuing success of any organization”. Within the organisation I am regarded as the thought leader in the field of fraud, risk and compliance. Currently my main responsibility is the Product Strategy. I am therefore leading the Solutions & Innovation Team in adding new solutions and technology on fraud detection techniques and predictive analytics to the product in order to remain successful.

Roos Tji


Wherever I go there is movement or things start to move, in my personal as well as my professional life. My ongoing challenge is to always strive for improvement, by stimulating others and changing the way we work as an organization. This is what motivates and energizes me. I believe in the talents of people and I am thoroughly convinced that these are key to be successful as a company. I am really proud when people discover their talents. The combination of interest, belief and progression defines the person I am and the way I work. Our growth, our people, our product and our ambition: it makes me very proud to to contribute to the success of this company.

Marc Mulder

Director Sales & Marketing

An energetic and experienced commercial manager, that is always looking for the optimum for all parties, is what I am. I value to be a trustworthy, goal oriented and fun person to work with. Some characteristics I would like to think I have: Serious about what I do, authentic, realistic, goal oriented, loyal, team builder, positive, sense of humor, determined, listener (try to understand) and communicate with the desired effect in mind. It is not that often you come across a company like FRISS and to get the chance to contribute to its success.

Our partners

We offer our partners the benefits from our platform accompanied by extensive knowledge, expertise and experience within our business area.

  • Gen Re is a direct reinsurer and is represented in all major reinsurance markets worldwide. For Gen Re, FRISS offers innovative software, a deep understanding of insurance and claims handling and a business model that is built on long-term cooperation. Together, we can offer our clients the best of both worlds: innovation, technology, knowledge and experience.
  • Iovation protects online businesses and their customers against fraud and abuse. Iovation and FRISS provide insurers a comprehensive platform to detect online fraud and mitigate risk. At quotation—before losses occur—and throughout the insurance life cycle.
  • ABZ (part of Solera) is an IT-partner in the insurance industry for processes and delivers several industry-wide solutions. Within compliance screening, ABZ (together with Graydon) and FRISS take care of gaining insights in company structures and Ulltimate Beneficial Owners (UBO).
  • ACTINEO offers active and objective support for all stake holder concerning fast and adequate regulation of personal injury. With regard to fraud detection when managing personal injury, ACTINEO and FRISS started a strategic partnership.
  • Focum is one of the market leaders in the field of data and risk management. By combining the knowledge and experience of FRISS with data from Focum we are able to achieve an even higher level of fraud detection and a reduction in your non-payment risks.
  • Intrum Justitia is the market leader when it comes to invoicing, payment processing, debt recovery and risk management in the order-to-cash chain. The solutions relate to both process execution and to finance solutions.
  • Cognizant and FRISS are collaborating to give the highest quality in support to their customers. Cognizant (NASDAQ: CTSH) is a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies build stronger businesses.
  • Bisnode and FRISS work together regarding socio-demographic data and insights concerning natural persons (e.g. wealth, education levels, unemployment, relocation). Bisnode has a great advantage since it operates internationally which means it can easily extract data for FRISS customers worldwide.

FRISS works with strategic and alliance partners around the world.
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Global presence

Serving our customers around the globe. FRISS is the leading expert in the field of fraud, risk & compliance for the insurance industry. We have a unique global footprint with 50+ implementations in over 10 countries.

Industry analysts have recognized FRISS as the market leader concerning fraud and risk solutions for non-life insurance companies. Our aim is to expand this leadership by sustaining our focus and dedication in this field.




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